Privacy Policy

Why does this app ask for Storage Permission? App asks for storage permission so that the app uses your data only once, not many times over. Since after first launch of this app, it does require some information to download so that it functions properly. Do you want to spend your data every time you read or see a page or screen? Of course not, that's why this app asks for storage permission. In this case application will download information and either save it to your internal or external storage so that it doesn’t need to download the same thing twice. Why does this app have so many ads? Ads are shown so that YOUR hard earned money stays in your pocket. You’ve surely seen those paid apps around and you have to buy them to use them. You can find those apps in the ‘Top Paid’ section of Google Play. Those apps have no ads whatsoever because they get their money through your wallet. Making an app is not an easy task since it takes significant amount of cost, time and effort